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OCRAMclima creates NPS® CC

The versatile, low-cost, compact solution to create isolation rooms.

Many hospitals across Europe rely on OCRAMclima’s products, certified by ILH Berlin, to preserve the atmosphere where contamination is a major concern. We design our technology to comply with highly demanding standards for air cleanliness and purity, aiming to provide healthy breathing.


COVID-19 is a hard attack to the same respiratory system we fight so hard to preserve with our solutions. Faced with the new coronavirus pandemic, we know we can be more relevant and make our work count. The patented technology developed by our engineers in the latest years, Nano Purifying System – NPS® – can kill virus and bacteria, purifying the air and preventing contamination.


In the last two weeks, we have been working into full speed, joining our team’s talents to build a low cost, portable device, with NPS® integration. With the capacity to transform conventional spaces into negative pressure isolation rooms, this device brings flexibility as a response to the outbreak–a solution to the growing need to create new spaces for intensive care.


Acknowledging that our work can be helpful and meaningful on building a lifeline to others, while safe and protected, is one of the best ways to keep the team’s spirit high. OCRAM’s team is more and more assured of our mission’s relevance: creating life-saving smart solutions for air purification.

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