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About us

Our Passion for Clean Air

We are passionate about clean air. Side by side with our clients, we search for the most innovative and optimal indoor air quality solutions.

Our passion has been nurtured for more than two decades when we started HVAC installation with an instinct for centering every client on our work.

We addressed every project with a customized answer, thus starting a reputation for flexibility, dedication, and confidence that today reaches far beyond our borders.

Our History

  1. Establishment

    VLopes establishes in Braga to install air conditioned as a subcontractor for construction segment.

  2. Certification

    Iso 9001 – Industrial Department Certification

  3. Partnership

    Partnership for research & development with Minho University Techminho.
    R&D in air purification.
    Establishment of OCRAMclima, for Air Handling Units Manufacturing.

  4. European IDI project

    Participation in the 7th Community Framework Program with Pasteur Institut of Lille, France, and Aquila University in Italy.

    VLopes Clim

    VLopes Clim was established in France

    National Prize for Innovation

    Awarded 1st in National Innovation competition following the presentation of Nano Purifying System prototype.

  5. Certification

    Certification in 4 products range by TUV (Germany) and Eurovent.

  6. SGIDI certification

    Certification of the Management System for Research, Development and Innovation (SGIDi).

    ILH Berlin Certification

    Hygienic certification (MUH range) for use in operating theaters of hospitals, microelectronics, “clean room” by the ILH Berlin requirement.

  7. Vlopes Scandinavia

    Introduction of the company VLopes Scandinavia in the Danish market.


    Ongoing product and performance certification by USA AHRI.

  9. India

    Entrance in Indian Market

    SME Instrument

    SME INSTRUMENT PHASE 1 with Nano Purifying System

  10. Seal of Excellence for Nano Purifying System

    Certificate delivered by the European Commission, as the institution managing Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation 2014-2020 – Scored as a high-quality project proposal in a highly competitive evaluation process.
    Project Number: 880228


    Rebranding for VLopes Corporate ID.

Mastering Clean Air

Achieving mastery means testing our experience and our tools every day.
Having the right solution means having the right products.

Our connection to the most advanced centers for scientific research endow our product brand OCRAMclima with state-of-the-art technology to support smart and efficient indoor ventilation systems.

A World of Clean Air

With headquarter located in Portugal, we have offices in France and Denmark.
The clean air coming from our work is breathable in projects throughout the world.
A growing number of clients rely on VLopes to ensure the air quality in different purpose buildings.

With eyes set on the future, we commit ourselves to use every opportunity to improve sustainability.
We have an entire world of clean air for your project.

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