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AHU – Air Handling Units

We spend 90% of our time indoors. In houses, public spaces, offices or production plants ventilation plays a key role in meeting people’s needs for a safe, healthy, and productive environment

Air Handling Units are fundamental to provide air to breathe in enclosed spaces. AHU remove polluted and stale air from indoors and replace it with fresh, clean air, at the right temperature and humidity levels.

Ventilation is crucial for buildings

The rising demand for energy-efficient construction calls for effective insulation to prevent temperature loss. But it also endangers buildings with other threats because the indoor air remains longer in the buildings and becomes stale

On the other side, scientific evidence correlates high levels of particle concentration with mortality rate.

Better Air Quality. Better Health

Ventilation systems are crucial for buildings. Air Handling Units are essential to filter and supply clean air; create optimal indoor air quality (IAQ) for buildings, and reduce health risks related to poor indoor air quality.

Certified and Trustworthy

OCRAMclima’s Air Handling Units, MU range with Eurovent Certification are a safe investment that provides the answer to average and large scale ventilation needs (from 500 to 150.000 m^3/h) with energy recovery. AHU provides each environment with the ideal indoor air quality for each building, regardless of its size or purpose.

Comfort means flexible
and smart!

Because no two projects are the same

Because we know that no two projects are the same, we meet every request with tailor-made Air Handling Units. Each AHU is customized to address each building’s specific needs and to suit the space available and the ventilation system.

Efficient, Responsible and Sustainable

With state-of-the-art technology we carefully plan each components having energy efficiency in mind. Our AHUs allow you to reduce operational costs and low environmental impact: Installing energy recovery systems to prevent temperature and energy loss; using premium efficiency motors designed to perform at a fraction of the energy costs; applying highly effective fans with increased efficiency. With Intelligent control systems you can manage the whole building and energy consumption achieving optimal performance an improved air quality.

high-performance, unique features:

Modular system for perfect handling, transportation, and installation

Perfect integration with the building’s ventilation system

High-tech Smart management system

Plug & Play for easy installation

Acoustical Insolation

Eurovent Certification

Integration with the Nano Purifying System

Designed with OCRAMclima Select software – a powerful optimization tool

Compliant with the European Union (EU) requirements for energy efficiency and indoor air quality (IAQ)

UTA-HMU – Hygienic Air Handling Units

The clean atmosphere, promoting health and favoring cure

Ventilation for a hospital, medical or cleanroom environment has to preserve the atmosphere under low particle concentration while keeping temperature and humidity levels stable.

ILH-Berlin Certification

Our Hygienic Air Handling Units are built in accordance with high hygienic requirements; in full compliance with VDI 6022, Din 1946-4 and are certified by ILH-Berlin.

OCRAMCLIMA Hygienic Air Handling Units
  • Certified by Institut fur lufthygiene – ILH-Berlin.
  • Designed in accordance with VDI 6022 e Din 1946-4 guideline
  • Smooth interiors
  • No sharp edges
  • No bacteria or dust accumulation spots
  • All materials suitable for hygienic applications
  • High-tech control system with flexible Plug & Play features
  • Modular system for easy transport and installation
  • Integration with Nano Purifying system