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OCRAMclima Solutions

CMS – Central Management System

The Smart Solution, for Smart Buildings!

Automation Controls are the foundation for effective management in modern buildings and the smart technological solution to connect HVAC, lighting, security, and protection systems in a single platform.
The system provides building managers with all the information they need to make informed and smart decisions while improving comfort, security, and productivity for all occupants.

The short-cut to be everywhere

For professionals who plan and manage buildings, efficiency is an everyday concern. OCRAMclima Solutions developed each Automation & Control System to provide the right tool for an informed management and accurate decision process.

All the building, a click away!

A single platform

Initially developed to manage HVAC systems, the new generation of Automation & Controls by OCRAMcima Solutions benefit from protocols to integrate all the building systems: HVAC, security, lighting, hot water, access control – in a single platform.

The software allows for the visualization of the whole complex and monitors every single space interacting through a computer, tablet, or smartphone screen.

Software and Information Visualization

The system comprises a responsive, user-friendly interface where the user can visualize relevant data for expenditure and trends through charts.

A group of programmable indicators with alarm flagging errors and shortening the time and distance spent to identify maintenance requirements.

The system is a perfect short-cut to place each manager anywhere in the building at the same time.

One dedicated team

We customize every solution because we know each building is unique and has its own demands.

OCRAMclima’s team is on the go, putting almost two decades of experience and know-how at your disposal to find the best managing solution for your complex. Flexible to handle projects, with dedicated programming and in loco installation, we are always available for consulting services and remote assistance anytime.

Increase security, comfort and productivity
Lower investment and operational costs

Housing, hotels, services, public spaces, commercial, industrial, educational or office building – whatever the purpose of your complex, automation & controls by OCRAMclima Solutions is sure to have the right solution to increase energy efficiency, updated to comply with the most recent legislation for buildings.

Investing in Automation & Control Systems made by OCRAMclima is directly translatable in a real cost reduction for operation and efficiency gains.
The system not only allows for perfect temperature management. It additionally renders the tools to increase energetic performance for heating, ventilation, lighting, and additional systems installed.
The technology prioritizes every occupant’s comfort, security and productivity, independently of their location in the complex.

GTC Features

Impacts life and work of occupants

Improved comfort, security and productivity



Efficiency & cost reduction

Reduced energy costs: in heating, lighting, ventilation and other equipment.

Reduced ecological footprint for each building .

Investment and cost long term management.


For any building, of any size

Systems to serve any management need from simple to more complex systems.


Engineering Tool

Step-by-step configuration: dedicated modules programming and integration solutions of systems: HVAC, energy efficiency, load management, access and security management, users, etc.