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NPS® – Nano Purifying System

Clean air and efficiency for indoor sensitive environments!

NPS® is the outcome of ongoing research at OCRAMclima to develop air purification for sensitive environments with highly demanding standards for hygienic control.
Clean rooms, where contamination control is a maximum priority.
Hospitals or clinical environment, eliminating the risk of viruses spreading or human infections, guaranteeing the safety of healthcare professionals and patients.

Multiple Application Techology

NPS® responds to strict standards in different sectors and operational areas, such as nanotechnology industry; control rooms; pharmacies; livestock facilities and animal shelters; automobile industry; meeting rooms; food handling and processing industry; bakeries; industrial, restaurant and home kitchens



Reduce microorganisms and Volatile Organic Compounds in the air.
Lower costs for heating and ventilation.


Lower costs with heating and ventilation systems, maximizing comfort and sanitation.


Eliminate grease particles and odors.
Secure a high level of air hygiene indoors.


Prevent and solve microbial proliferation.
Promote clean, pure air and favor the healing process


Lower operational costs and aid air pollutants decomposition.

Public spaces

Drastically reduce microbial concentration and risk of infection through microorganisms. microrganismos presentes no ar.


Drastically reduce disease spread.
Favor concentration and productivity.




O NPS® was designed for high efficiency, minimizing pressure drops and energy consumption, while preserving the potential to treat great air volume. It treats the major air pollutants like bacteria, fungus, viruses, Volatile Organic Compounds, and airborne particles.

NPS® has the flexibility to operate solo or integrated into new or pre-existent HVAC systems; it is customizable in size, geometry, and volume. In standard dimensions, NPS has a maximum application and integration in ventilation ducts.

The powerful combination of UV (Ultraviolet Radiation) and catalytic ionization decontaminates indoor air.


NPS Master:
A Master solution for Masterchefs


Minutiae and perfection those are the keywords defining the contemporary kitchen. When resisting odors or accumulated grease are at stake, they involve a big challenge

OCRAMclima developed the NPS® MASTER with innovative technology that will drastically reduce the grease in the exhaust system and preserve ducts free of residues and odors

The Nano Purifying System® is the missing link to connect you with the perfect environment for your kitchen, addressing the chef’s attention to what is more important.

  • High performance with low investment
  • Perfect integration in ventilation system
  • new or exhisting
  • Cost reduction for maintenance and energy consumption
  • Low pressure drop
  • Fire hazard mitigation