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Our vision is to grow into a world-renowned company as a synonym for customized, holistic, and smart air purification solutions.


  • Develop and support a solid company structure with qualified, informed, responsible, and happy employees focused on the client.
  • Being a reliable partner for each client, using experience and know-how to create made to measure solutions for each building, securing optimal indoor air quality anywhere in the world.
  • Market a whole line of innovative, high-quality, and efficient products for sensitive indoor environment, with low environmental impact thus contributing to enhancing good health and quality of life for every people.
  • Working continuously to the international expansion of VLopes. Speaking global, becoming global!


We ground our work and behaviour on core values and principles. These policies define our performance and positioning across all areas in a responsible manner

People in first-place

Working for clean air is all about people. People come first!
Collective responsibility begins with individual goals and ambitions. We seek to foster a well-balanced, inspiring environment where each employee can thrive and take new challenges.
Building trust attracts and retains talented professionals. We work every day to improve our value proposition, welcoming diversity, and creating bonds.

Innovation and Know-how

Innovating and challenging the limits are part of our DNA. We put our experience to the test and engage in research continuously so we can be more fluent in the language of clean air, build smarter solutions, and grow sustainably.


Committed to quality in all strands of our activity, we know that indoor air quality can be achieved only through the excellence of solutions, products, and services.


We work towards the quality of life of every people in the world.

Energy efficiency, sustainable environment, and reduction of the ecological footprint are in the minds of our engineers throughout the process of developing any new product.

Our ventilation solutions enable each inhabitant in any building to breathe in a healthy atmosphere.

We create and develop solutions for air purification in clinical and hospital environments that promote a healthy, clean environment and foster the healing process and life.

Flexibility – No matter what, no matter where!

There is no such thing as similar projects.
Every client’s difference builds for its uniqueness.
Respecting differences at VLopes means flexibility to deploy technical and human resources anywhere.
It means working side by side with the most demanding client, determined to overcome limits, short the distance and bring the right answer wherever needed.